Flight Simulation Online

Flight Simulation OnlineGames are always an excellent way to comfort and relax your mind from all the tensions and worries of this world, especially flight simulation online type of games.  Most people opt for simple games that are enjoyable and are not too intense as well.  Most of the simulation games are an excellent way to release your tensions and worries and immerse you in real-time situations without exactly being in those situations physically.

Flight simulation games are such games which are enjoyable but they aren’t one bit boring.  You will find these games so engaging that you will continue on playing these games for hours and months together without actually looking for a different game.

Flight Helicopter Simulator

Flight Helicopter SimulatorI’m sure all the Flight Helicopter Simulator game lovers are looking to take their favorite helicopter for a ride.  Right?

If not, you’re seriously missing out on one of the best computer games EVER.

Who doesn’t want to be able to fly an aero plane or a helicopter?

Most of us love the adrenaline rush that we get by flying high in the sky. But until now, it had only remained a dream.

Flight Helicopter Simulator – Realism

Since the launch of the first ever flight simulation game there have been so many advancements in this area that now you can get a flight helicopter simulator game that is so realistic, you will feel your flying a real one.

Flight Sim Games For PC

Flight Sim Games For PCThe ability to fly is something many of us fantasize about in our lives and a fun flight sim games for PC is a fascinating and challenging game that gives us this experience.

The dream of flight led the Wright brothers to invent the first ever engine powered airplane and ever since then we have been manufacturing more and more advanced flying objects of various kinds.

However, even till present many people still dream about being able to steer an airplane on their own and have the ability and skill to fly one rather than just sit in the passenger seat.

This is because, though the invention of airplanes is quite old now, the skill required to fly one is still unique and not everyone can do it.

Quick Start Guide Started

I’ve started working on my FlightProSim Quick Start Guide.

If you would like a free copy…

1. Click “Contact Me”

2.  Send me a copy of your ClickBank receipt.  (just copy and paste it into the contact form)

I ask for this to verify your purchase and as a way to say thanks to those people that buy Flight Pro Sim through this website that helps me keep it open.

I also ask for constructive criticism about the guide so that I can continue to improve it.  No wait, it’s perfect as it is…ha ha. :)

S-64 Aircrane Helicopter

S-64 AircraneThe S-64 Aircrane Helicopter.  Why do I always crank up “You Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi” when I fly this helicopter?  I don’t know why, but I do!  :)   Sure you can laugh, but try it and tell me it doesn’t give you the same rush as it gives me.

The S-64 Aircrane is a mean machine to fly.  The actual helicopter itself is well known online to provide “heavy lifting” services.  Without a doubt, that’s an understatement because this helicopter is meant to do some serious work.

The S-64 Aircrane is versatile enough that is enjoys service in many applications.  For example, the S-64 Aircrane is successfully used as a fire fighting helicopter.

It’s also a cost effective at what it does.

FlightProSim Video 1

This is an official FlightProSim Video.  The guys over there graciously allowed me to put it on my site.  Enjoy!

Get the Flash Player to see this content.


FlightProSim – Click to visit their site!

14bis Santos DUMONT

14bis Santos DUMONT The 14bis Santos Dumont is a cool “contraption” to fly.  It’s certainly a flying experience like no other, that is the delight!

Okay, so it won’t win any flight speed records, but it sure will turn heads when you fly over. :)

The 14bis Santos DUMONT requires some unique flight time, but where else do you get a chance to have this much fun going old school.

I don’t claim to be a pro at this plane, my friends will back me up on that.

Even so, listening to them talk you’d think I’ve never flown a plane before, but after a few moments of getting a hang of it, it was smooth sailing.  We’ll mostly smooth. :)

Boeing 727-230

Boeing 727-30

Boeing 727-230It’s huge!  It’s fun!  Fly a Boeing 727-230!

Give me the controls and stand back…I’m your pilot.  I didn’t say I was a good pilot, but you’ll have the ride of your life!  :)

Ha ha…this is super fun…the controls and guages are a little overwhelming at first…but the challenge is part of the fun when you can successfully fly this bad boy.

So take your Boeing 727-230 for a ride…grab the controls and enjoy!

Okay, so I have been enjoying this craft inside the Flight Pro Sim aircraft simulator.  Yep.  Sure have.

Boeing 707

The Boeing 707 is a joy to fly in this airplane simulator.

Boeing 707From the dashboard to how it handles, if you’re like me, you’ll enjoy flying this big ol’ plane.

I usually like flying smaller aircraft in my flight simulator, like a Cessna, but the Boeing 707 can be a fun experience, especially when lifting off the ground.

I don’t know why, but in real life I prefer smaller planes as well, but sometimes the thrill of riding a larger craft like the Boeing 707 is a rewarding experience as well.  Now let’s get back to the game…

The Boeing 707 flys great and takes off great.  I have a little difficulty at landing, but that’s what a flight simulator is all about and I will keep playing, I mean practicing!  :)

Santos Dumont Demoiselle

The Santos Dumont N 21 Demoiselle.

Santos Dumont N 21 DemoiselleGo back in time and feel what it was like to have driven this fun aircraft.

Sure the bugs might smack you in the face, but that’s why you wear goggles after all.

You might want to check the wheels before take off, just to make sure you don’t end up scraping the bottom on your landing. :)


The Santos Dumont N 21 Demoiselle will be a challenge and a fun ride.  It’s also great that it’s a free aircraft that you can add on to Flight Pro Sim.

Flight Pro Sim is an aircraft simulator, with tons of cool aircraft like the Santos Dumont N 21 Demoiselle.  Aircraft from Boeings to Cessnas to Apache, it’s got quite a variety.

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